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Montreal Reading Q&A with Kitra

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CBC Books


“Rainbow set a nice scene for interviewing because you’re already feeling open and loved and safe. People were able to talk about some of the darker aspects of their lives. It was super heavy and I didn’t have the best coping strategies at 22, so it was really overwhelming emotionally for me. You have to sit there with the person and feel what they’re feeling to get a good interview.”

“A lot of the people that I interviewed were women and queer folks. Many of them opened up completely to me and that’s not something I take lightly. I wanted to get it right and I wanted to honour the fact that their experiences were oftentimes very difficult and complicated. They required time to listen and re-listen and contemplate upon.”

Nice article on CBC books, interview by Jane van Koeverden.

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Proud 2b

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freeky + free

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Goddesses, Saints

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Review for THIS Magazine


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DIY Gynecology Article in Broken Pencil Magazine

Attention vagina owners and admirers!  Eager to learn the ins and outs of radical self care? Tired of pharmaceutical companies profiting off your valiant genitals? Want to learn how to cure a gnarly yeaster with shit you can find in your kitchen? Then check out the newest issue of Broken Pencil (#56) and read my article about DIY gynecology!

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