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Refuge of the roads

Some things:

  • Joni Mitchell’s song for Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche is everything
  • Talk on how our Western approach to Buddhism is “some form of Sesame Street
  • Anyone have any reading opportunities on Vancouver Island?

“…Another branch of the Mahayana school, which developed in Tibet, can be seen in the Gelugpa tradition. In India, the Nalanda and Vikramashila Universities developed a school of logic in which, instead of doing pure sitting practice, you replace the sitting by the practice of sharpening your intellect. This demands that the basic sophistication of intelligence is raised up to the highest point, as much as one can, to the point of limitlessness. At that point, ordinary logical conclusions and logical debates become meaningless, and one develops higher thinking—the epitome of the highest way of relating with the reasoning mind… once a student has entered into Zen discipline, there is no place for intellect. It is simple and direct. For example, if you are composing your own verses about the dharma, the master catches you if the slightest intellectualization comes up. Such intellectualization is cut down and swept away along with the dust on the meditation hall floor.” – Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche

From tricycle


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Dirty Kids Reading @ Le Cagibi, 2017

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CBC Books


“Rainbow set a nice scene for interviewing because you’re already feeling open and loved and safe. People were able to talk about some of the darker aspects of their lives. It was super heavy and I didn’t have the best coping strategies at 22, so it was really overwhelming emotionally for me. You have to sit there with the person and feel what they’re feeling to get a good interview.”

“A lot of the people that I interviewed were women and queer folks. Many of them opened up completely to me and that’s not something I take lightly. I wanted to get it right and I wanted to honour the fact that their experiences were oftentimes very difficult and complicated. They required time to listen and re-listen and contemplate upon.”

Nice article on CBC books, interview by Jane van Koeverden.

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Live birth


I give this book approximately 2 dirty skid thumbs up!

Print copies available HERE


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K I T R A  S P E A K S

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June 9, 2014 · 12:12 am

Rad Travel

Some naysayers will argue that travel is not radical, in and of itself. And this Is true: a millionaire can jump on an airplane to Barbados and have an entire hotel to himself, just as a crustie in the U.S. can ride trains motivated solely by cheap escapism. The potential of travel lies in its relative freedoms: time to dedicate to projects, the ability to convey materials and information, flexibility in putting energy into new projects, supporting faraway comrades, the list continues on. Travel can also be used to combat isolation and to give us hope in an otherwise unwelcoming world. As any traveler knows, getting somewhere you’ve never been requires patience and dedication. 

From “Anarchy in the Age of Dinosaurs” (download for free here.) Thoughts? Still working my way through material on nomadism in America. Send me everything you have. Tell me everything you know.

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