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Smooches from Malaysia

Hi from Malaysia; Johor Bahru is my new home and place of work for the next two months, and I’ve had the privilege of checking out KL and Melaka, too. Living in an Islamic state is a huge mind shift; the sounds of prayer wafting from the mosques that sandwich our condo never fails to blow my mind. What a beautiful way to gauge time and structure your day.

I am heading to Bali after my contract ends to try and learn how to surf (emphasis on try): I am thinking of cancelling my flight home on March 28th as it flies through Shanghai. Any suggestions of where I should fly/drop through? My home job seems to still be in the strike-zone, and I’m still itching for a UK Dirty Kids tour. Hit me up with any ideas.

In other news I finished recording my audiobook of Dirty Kids with the most dank of producers, Christian Jensen of Ketamine Girls. I am trying to figure out how to release it though: Patreon? Bandcamp? Serialized podcast? I’d like something that I can control completely so selling to Audible is of less interest to me.

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Montreal Reading Q&A with Kitra

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New reviews from the Toronto Star and Daily Herald Tribune


daily herald

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For my Fellow “Memoirists”

“I moved on to the memoir section.  After browsing for a while, I knew why it had to be so big: who knew there was so much truth to be told, so much advice to give, so many lessons to teach and learn?  Who knew that there were so many people with so many necessary things to say about themselves?  I flipped through the sexual abuse memoirs, sexual conquest memoirs, sexual inadequacy memoirs, alternative sexual memoirs.  I perused travel memoirs, ghostwritten professional athlete memoirs, remorseful hedonist rock star memoirs, twelve-step memoirs, memoirs about reading (A Reading Life: Book by Book).  There were five memoirs by one author, a woman who had written a memoir about her troubled relationship with her famous fiction-writer father; a memoir about her troubled relationship with her mother; a memoir about her troubled relationship with her children; a memoir about her troubled relationship with the bottle; and finally a memoir about her more loving relationship with herself.  There were several memoirs about the difficulty of writing memoirs, and even a handful of how-to-write-a-memoir memoirs.  A Memoirist’s Guide to Writing Your Memoir and the like.  All of these made me feel better about myself, and I was grateful to the books for teaching me–without my even having to read them–that there were people in the world more desperate, more self-absorbed, more boring than I was.”

– BROCK CLARKE, An Arsonist’s Guide to Writers’ Homes in New England, 2007

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In addition to a 6 page spread on our Nomadia project, Maisonneuve is also publishing my memoir about working as a nude model  in Berlin.

Avail. Dec 17th. Sorry Mom!

“Berlin is grey, rank and shitty, but it doesn’t offend me. I don’t know anyone. Nobody washes, nobody works, nobody tells me what to eat, like they do in Canada. Nobody paints over the NO GURU NO GOD NO MASTER or the NAZI PUNX: FUCK OFF graffiti that stain our building. It’s refreshing to be around such unapologetic chaos.” (from Red Meat Berlin)

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