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Artworx & McLuhanisms

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“As an investigator, I have no fixed point of view, no commitment to any theory–my own or anyone else’s. As a matter of fact, I’m completely ready to junk any statement I’ve ever made about any subject if events don’t bear me out, or if I discover it isn’t contributing to an understanding of the problem. The better part of my work on media is actually somewhat like a safe-cracker’s. I don’t know what’s inside; maybe it’s nothing. I just sit down and start to work. I grope, I listen, I test, I accept and discard; I try out different sequences–until the tumblers fall and the doors spring open.”

McLuhan, 1969, Playboy article

I was on a cool podcast called Story Untold, if you want to have a listen.

Image of Louise Bourgeois


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Your Friendly Cyber Village Psychic


Maisonneuve’s 10th anniversary issue came out this week, so go pick it up and read my article. Also come to the Toronto launch party if you wanna hang out IRL.

In other dark arts news, I have temporarily transformed my personal social media profile into an online fortune telling booth. Private message me your deepest questions about love, life and happiness! Illuminating queries will be given full tarot, tasseography and/or psychic mind meld consideration, and possibly used in a collaborative project. All askers welcome, all topics open. So spill it, Internet!

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