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Welcome home

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Smooches from Malaysia

Hi from Malaysia; Johor Bahru is my new home and place of work for the next two months, and I’ve had the privilege of checking out KL and Melaka, too. Living in an Islamic state is a huge mind shift; the sounds of prayer wafting from the mosques that sandwich our condo never fails to blow my mind. What a beautiful way to gauge time and structure your day.

I am heading to Bali after my contract ends to try and learn how to surf (emphasis on try): I am thinking of cancelling my flight home on March 28th as it flies through Shanghai. Any suggestions of where I should fly/drop through? My home job seems to still be in the strike-zone, and I’m still itching for a UK Dirty Kids tour. Hit me up with any ideas.

In other news I finished recording my audiobook of Dirty Kids with the most dank of producers, Christian Jensen of Ketamine Girls. I am trying to figure out how to release it though: Patreon? Bandcamp? Serialized podcast? I’d like something that I can control completely so selling to Audible is of less interest to me.

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Sisters in the struggle

kitra cahana chris urquhart portrait

Baby me & Ki, back in Ann Arbour hanging in our portrait booth while doing work for Dirty Kids. We are so cute!!!


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I, mi, My

Image result for nauman neon

Tomorrow is my workshop at the Historic Joy Kogawa House, so please come if you are in town. I will be reading from Dirty Kids, leading exercises on acknowledging our own backgrounds and biases and looking at Ted Conover’s new work on immersion journalism. Workshop is free with membership (25$); contact me with questions or accessibility info.

Image result for nauman neonArtwork by Bruce Nauman.



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Montreal Reading Q&A with Kitra

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Freedom, freedom, free of me


I just came home from Seoul, which is a city that has me reeling from newness.
I am learning how to pick back up my words and place them down again gracefully.
I find the most joy in the children, the babies and the dogs.

Holy, holy, holy

I will be in Vancouver starting March, at the Historic Joy Kogawa House.
I am very grateful to have the opportunity to have a residency and sit still somewhere new and tip, tip, tap…
I am leading a Masterclass on experimental memoir on March 15 and a workshop on April 1st on onĀ  writing for survival and writing on sexual abuse. I also need readers for a final reading, so please help me out.




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Dirty Kids Reading @ Le Cagibi, 2017

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New reviews from the Toronto Star and Daily Herald Tribune


daily herald

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New Review in Publisher’s Weekly


Great review from Publisher’s Weekly; check out the full page here.

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Skinbound in CVC: Short Fiction Anthology Series


I’m psyched to have my fiction piece, Skinbound, published in the new CVC: Short Fiction Anthology Series, selected and with a preface by Gloria Vanderbilt. I started this story at McGill in 2008, as part of an alternative assignment for my “Anthropology Beyond the Human” course with Professor Eduardo Kohn, and I am so glad it has finally found a home

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