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Smooches from Malaysia

Hi from Malaysia; Johor Bahru is my new home and place of work for the next two months, and I’ve had the privilege of checking out KL and Melaka, too. Living in an Islamic state is a huge mind shift; the sounds of prayer wafting from the mosques that sandwich our condo never fails to blow my mind. What a beautiful way to gauge time and structure your day.

I am heading to Bali after my contract ends to try and learn how to surf (emphasis on try): I am thinking of cancelling my flight home on March 28th as it flies through Shanghai. Any suggestions of where I should fly/drop through? My home job seems to still be in the strike-zone, and I’m still itching for a UK Dirty Kids tour. Hit me up with any ideas.

In other news I finished recording my audiobook of Dirty Kids with the most dank of producers, Christian Jensen of Ketamine Girls. I am trying to figure out how to release it though: Patreon? Bandcamp? Serialized podcast? I’d like something that I can control completely so selling to Audible is of less interest to me.

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Montreal Reading Q&A with Kitra

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Dirty Kids Reading @ Le Cagibi, 2017

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New Review in Publisher’s Weekly


Great review from Publisher’s Weekly; check out the full page here.

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Shelf Awareness Review

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October 3, 2017 · 12:10 pm

Mini tour with maximum benefits

withdates (1)


1. TORONTO: Oct 4, No One Writes to the Colonel (with Anna Maxymiw)
2. NYC: Oct 8, BIZARRE Bushwick (Sex Witch Talent Show Brooklyn)
3. EDMONTON: Oct 13, Theatre Lab, Allard Hall (part of LitFest Alberta)
4. MONTREAL: Nov 3, Le Cagibi
Most excellent mini tour poster by the delicious Aaron Manczyk!



Also, thanks for the tour shout-out Maisy! They have also posted a teaser of my old piece.

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CBC Books


“Rainbow set a nice scene for interviewing because you’re already feeling open and loved and safe. People were able to talk about some of the darker aspects of their lives. It was super heavy and I didn’t have the best coping strategies at 22, so it was really overwhelming emotionally for me. You have to sit there with the person and feel what they’re feeling to get a good interview.”

“A lot of the people that I interviewed were women and queer folks. Many of them opened up completely to me and that’s not something I take lightly. I wanted to get it right and I wanted to honour the fact that their experiences were oftentimes very difficult and complicated. They required time to listen and re-listen and contemplate upon.”

Nice article on CBC books, interview by Jane van Koeverden.

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Interview with FLARE

Capture flare.PNG

Check out this rad interview I did with Laura Hensley from FLARE Magazine.

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Dirty Kids review in Quill & Quire


Urquhart’s story is raw, personal, exciting, and enlightening, moving along quickly and providing snapshots – both in words and via Cahana’s pictures – of the locales and people she hops among. She does justice to the population she’s trying to depict, and will unquestionably make readers approach the homeless youth they encounter with a new, more sympathetic lens; perhaps even with a tinge of envy for their unabashed liberty from cultural expectations.

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Review for THIS Magazine


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