Skinbound in CVC Anthology Book Seven. 2017.

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The Rainbows in COLORS Magazine (Issue #76). Link to buy.

Nomadia in Maisonneuve Magazine (Issue #44)

The Moths of Burning Man in Maisonneuve Magazine (Issue #43).

Issues of Skin in EVENT Magazine (Issue #31:3).

DIY Gynecology and Radical Self-Care in Broken Pencil (Issue #56).

Cool Fascismo in Adbusters (Issue #88).

Spain Bans Body Image Ads in Adbusters (Issue #89).

Red Meat Berlin in Maisonneuve Magazine (Issue #38).

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Enter the Raccoon for This Magazine (Fiction review, Winter 2012).

Last Woman Standing for Canada Arts Connect (Film review, April 2013).

Trobairitz for This Magazine (Poetry review, April 2013).

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