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Vintage content



Ahhh! Decade old poster from my installation “Corners” at the Pia Bouman Center with Terra Borody.


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Mini tour & more


Cagibi Charlotte Burke


It’s been an active two months, with readings and collaborations in Edmonton, Brooklyn, Toronto and Montreal. Many thanks to Le Cagibi, LitFest Edmonton (LitFest Alberta was amazing) and Jacq the Stipper/BIZARRE Bushwick for making it rain (literally!!!!)

If you’re in the Toronto area, east end, I will be doing a reading and interview with Danila Botha Vernon at Dora Keogh Irish Pub  from 6-730PM on November 14th. Big shoutout to CHENT for the help @ door/book-sales and intros!

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Brooklyn Bound

slut tour 1“Highlighting the provocative intersections between sex, feminism, and witchy women, authors Jacqueline Frances and Kristen J. Sollee are joining forces for the Sex Witch Book Tour this fall. To mark the release of Striptastic! and Witches, Sluts, Feminists: Conjuring the Sex Positive, the Brooklyn-based duo will be hosting Sex Witch Slams and Sex Witch Talent Shows around the country, engaging local artists, witches, and sex workers to join them in celebrating sex positive, femme magic in its many incarnations through intimate readings, rituals, and one-of-a-kind performances.”

Come see some main witches, tomorrow night at BIZARRE Bushwick. Tickets for sale on Eventbrite (snatch these fast; the Toronto event sold out). I will be performing alongside one of my all-time besties (and a main character in my book, Dirty Kids), Jacq the Stripper. She is an enterprising boss and megababe, so don’t miss out, New York! Can’t wait to reunite with ye olde fam. Please enjoy this vintage snap of us witching out in Mass.

jacq the stripper, chris urquhart

Salem, 2012 (?)



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Kitra Cahana Speaks About Nomadia Project at Annenberg Gallery, LA


My road dog, Kitra Cahana spoke recently at the Annenberg Gallery in LA about all things photographic (including our collaborative project, Nomadia). Click here to take a peek!

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I did an interview with with Michael Stewart about our book project, Nomadia. Click here to take a peek! I especially like the part about my chest fungus:

Before the interview starts, Chris Urquhart is showing me a bunch of white splotches on her chest. “It’s a fungal infection,” she says. “My doctor says it’s just from being dirty.”

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Rainbowland Featured in Sang Bleu

Click here to see the feature on Kitra and I in Sang Bleu. Now, let us all pray for pluralism, shall we?

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Ivy League Queer

Spent the week vacationing at Camp Trans in Hart, Michigan with the amazing Nicky ClickKatastrophe and Athens Boys Choir (whose posters you should have on your walls!)

Good news for the day: Kitra and I won an honorable mention from Duke University. Nobody ruin this classy moment by telling them I have fleas.

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