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Artworx & McLuhanisms

Louise Bourgeois by Bruce Weber.jpg

“As an investigator, I have no fixed point of view, no commitment to any theory–my own or anyone else’s. As a matter of fact, I’m completely ready to junk any statement I’ve ever made about any subject if events don’t bear me out, or if I discover it isn’t contributing to an understanding of the problem. The better part of my work on media is actually somewhat like a safe-cracker’s. I don’t know what’s inside; maybe it’s nothing. I just sit down and start to work. I grope, I listen, I test, I accept and discard; I try out different sequences–until the tumblers fall and the doors spring open.”

McLuhan, 1969, Playboy article

I was on a cool podcast called Story Untold, if you want to have a listen.

Image of Louise Bourgeois

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New Review in Publisher’s Weekly


Great review from Publisher’s Weekly; check out the full page here.

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CBC Books


“Rainbow set a nice scene for interviewing because you’re already feeling open and loved and safe. People were able to talk about some of the darker aspects of their lives. It was super heavy and I didn’t have the best coping strategies at 22, so it was really overwhelming emotionally for me. You have to sit there with the person and feel what they’re feeling to get a good interview.”

“A lot of the people that I interviewed were women and queer folks. Many of them opened up completely to me and that’s not something I take lightly. I wanted to get it right and I wanted to honour the fact that their experiences were oftentimes very difficult and complicated. They required time to listen and re-listen and contemplate upon.”

Nice article on CBC books, interview by Jane van Koeverden.

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Loving this cover design; bringing me back to my 2010 Adbusters article of the same name.

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Attachment + Authenticity

20130730_16_30_52Hospital visits allow time for contemplation, time to acknowledge our fragile vessels, time to revisit our beliefs and then torch them entirely. I don’t find much fulfilment in writing these days, I would rather sit in a corner and stare at a wall. Small acts and movements become profoundly fulfilling when they are done without attachment. 

Here is a talk on stress by Gabor Maté. Please send similar resources my way.


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December 19, 2013 · 5:39 pm

Review of Last Woman Standing in CAC Magazine


Check out my Canada Arts Connect Magazine review of Last Woman Standing, a rad documentary about women boxers in Canada. Represent!

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DIY Gynecology Article in Broken Pencil Magazine

Attention vagina owners and admirers!  Eager to learn the ins and outs of radical self care? Tired of pharmaceutical companies profiting off your valiant genitals? Want to learn how to cure a gnarly yeaster with shit you can find in your kitchen? Then check out the newest issue of Broken Pencil (#56) and read my article about DIY gynecology!

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Excerpt: The Moths of Burning Man

Illustration by Byron Eggenschwiler.

Iris stands naked, save for a beige thong. She’s shameless and unafraid, arms spread and slathered in gold glitter and Vaseline. Atop her head sits an oversized hamburger hat—puffed yellow buns, brown patty, a plush pickle like an outstretched tongue. She grins maniacally.

We’re at Burning Man, the sprawling festival that, every summer, attracts yuppies, hippies, druggies and queers to northwestern Nevada. The one time of year when over fifty thousand North American freaks swarm the desert. At Black Rock City, the horde builds infrastructure and installations, huffs inhalants, dances hedonistically, tries to hear…

Want to read more? Go here.


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WiER Author Residency

I’m excited to start my online author residency with WiER, a Canadian non-profit organization, in alliance with the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto (OISE/UT) and the Canadian Education Association (CEA.) I’m in great company with authors such as Brian Brett, Lorna Crozier, and Lawrence Hill.

Also go pick up the Spring  issue of Maisonneuve if you would like to read about my lively experiences amongst Burning Man maniacs and medical wards. If that does not appeal to you then let’s just forget this blog post ever happened, shall we? *poof!*

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Buy OCW’s Special Counterparts Issue

Support local interdisciplinary art projects! Support local Handjobs! Buy OCW’s counterparts issue right here and read my contest winnin’ piece: Divine Woman Intimate Massage. You can also read some poem-bombs by the always bawdy and righteously babely, Anna Maxymiw. Design by Jaz Halloran and photos c/o OCW. Grab em fast, they’ll sell like hot pants!

This special edition of OCW Magazine, OCW 5.3/#19: Counterparts, introduces the first issue as an interdisciplinary art project, with:

2 booklets
84 pages
18 Canadian and international artists
7 local writers


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