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Teaching is one of my deepest passions. I maintain an anti-oppressive, queer-friendly space in all courses I lead. In terms of formal education I have completed:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and World Religions from McGill University
  • MFA in Creative Writing from University of British Columbia
  • Master of Teaching from OISE, University of Toronto.
writing classes. writing classes toronto, toronto writer, writing

From a Writing on Location course, Trinity Bellwoods park, 2015.

In terms of applied experience I have:

  •  Lead private creative writing classes and day-long intensives for young adults at Centauri Arts Academy for over five years.
  • Worked as an online writing mentor for WiER Writers working with students across the Toronto District School Board taking the Grade 12 ‘Writer’s Craft’ course.
  • Taught elementary-level students in Toronto and Santiago, Chile.
  • Worked with adults and children with a variety of special needs, including those with Autism, Developmental Delay, Prader Willi Syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and complex mental health disorders.
  • Worked alongside Deaf, deaf, hard of hearing and visually impaired college students, attending classes and providing them with summary and/or verbatim notes.

I love developing innovative creative writing curriculum that takes social justice approaches into account. Please contact me for access to my teaching portfolio,  teaching philosophy and references.

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