Rad Travel

Some naysayers will argue that travel is not radical, in and of itself. And this Is true: a millionaire can jump on an airplane to Barbados and have an entire hotel to himself, just as a crustie in the U.S. can ride trains motivated solely by cheap escapism. The potential of travel lies in its relative freedoms: time to dedicate to projects, the ability to convey materials and information, flexibility in putting energy into new projects, supporting faraway comrades, the list continues on. Travel can also be used to combat isolation and to give us hope in an otherwise unwelcoming world. As any traveler knows, getting somewhere you’ve never been requires patience and dedication. 

From “Anarchy in the Age of Dinosaurs” (download for free here.) Thoughts? Still working my way through material on nomadism in America. Send me everything you have. Tell me everything you know.

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