Litpop 2011 Non-Fiction Winner

My holy prayers have been answered! I won Litpop 2011 for non-fiction! Pop Montréal! Bagels! Raincoats! Yahoo! Will post details of the event soon.

In other news, I’ve started a Yoko Ono cover band. ☯seriously☯!

Pop Montréal is September 21-25, 2011.


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5 responses to “Litpop 2011 Non-Fiction Winner

  1. girl congrats. i am so fucking proud of you!!!!


  2. I wanna come!! pick me!


  3. Congrats, Chris! You’re rocking the lit world. (But of course you are.)


  4. Congratulations, Chris! That’s so fantastic! We haven’t met, but I’m proud of you. It’s quite the journey you’re on.


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