All Poets, Listen Up!

upon reading an interview with a best-selling novelist in our metropolitan daily newspaper

he talks like he writes

and he has a face like a dove, untouched by


a little shiver of horror runs through me as I read


his comfortable assured success.

“I am going to write an important novel next year,” he says.

next year?

I skip some paragraphs

but the interview goes on for two and one-half pages


it’s like milk spilled on a tablecloth, it’s as soothing as

talcum powder, it’s the bones of an eaten fish, it’s a damp

stain on a faded necktie, it’s a gathering hum.

the man is very fortunate that he is not standing

in line at a soup kitchen.

this man has no concept of failure because he is

paid so well for it.

I am lying in bed, reading.

I drop the paper to the floor.

then I hear  sound.

it is a small fly buzzing.

I watch it flying, circling the room in an irregular


life at last.

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One response to “All Poets, Listen Up!

  1. krissy

    this is rad. thanks for posting.


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