Nudity, Vanity and New Orleans

I came across these sketches drawn by the talented artist and puppet-maker, lena müller. Read about my experiences being naked in Berlin here.

I’ve been writing a ton of personal essays on the topic of nudity, nakedness and honesty and really want to collect them in a book format… so please send any theory, personal experiences or research opportunities my way!

In other news, I am going on a 3-day-long hedonistic trip to Vegas with my maniac writer friends to celebrate our MFA grad, then I leave for New Orleans at the end of the month (to finish my first non-fiction book, Nomadia).


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8 responses to “Nudity, Vanity and New Orleans

  1. Hey, I’d be interested in reading some of those essays. I’ve got a bunch of stuff on the topic but none of it seems to be jelling.


  2. Yeah? I’d really love to read yours as well, girl! We should set up a swap! You have read a few of them already, I think (Berlin, Issues of Skin, and Divine Woman Intimate Massage) but I have some more…


  3. HAWT. can’t wait for the maniac vegas trip.


  4. Same. I just bought a turban. A celebratory turban.


  5. Congratulations on the MFA!!! Terminal degrees FTW!

    There are loads of travel blogs out there, sort of depends on what you’re going for. Great photos always help and are standard on many of those sorts of blogs. 1 large image (doesn’t have to be a photo) followed by text seems to work pretty well in that genre. I humbly recommend reading a book by Geoff Dyer, either Yoga For People Who Can’t Be Bothered To Do It (he has a story about going to Burning Man in this one) or Out of Sheer Rage (wherein he writes about trying to write a book about D.H. Lawrence while traveling to places Lawrence was). They’re nonfic and anecdotal, a bit hard to categorize, but definitely experiences of travel from an author. Just the sort of experiential thing I’d want from a writerly/travel blog for whatever that’s worth. Course on the web you can get away with very short entries.

    The collection of nudity, nakedness and honesty essays sounds cool. I’d like to read those. Now I feel compelled to track down a piece I wrote on body image years ago to see what I said and ponder how it ties in to your topic.

    Do people say “nekkid” in Canada? It’s more of a Southern thing here, but I was always told that naked means you don’t have any clothes on while nekkid means you don’t have any clothes on and are up to something. 😉

    Good luck with it!


  6. Thanks for the suggestions, Claire! I will definitely give them a look… they sounds up my alley and I had never heard of them. Do they have an online component as well?

    If you do dig up your piece, I would love to take a look. Thanks again!


  7. I don’t think he has a website, but there are interviews around and I saw a video interview on his page.

    I did find my piece, not quite what I was thinking it was but I’ll pass it along.


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