Book Deals and the Big Easy

I’m pleased to announce I just received my first book contract from Greystone Books, an imprint of D&M Publishers. They are one of my absolute favourite Canadian publishers, and have recently put out some great books (like The Legacy by David Suzuki, Trauma Farm by Brian Brett and City of Glass by Douglas Coupland). My deadline for manuscript is July 31st 2011, which means if you see me in the next six months and I’m not writing then you have complete permission to smack me upside the head.

Another tidbit of good news: I was also awarded a Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement from the Canadian government, which means I’m moving to New Orleans for the summer to finish my book! Looks like Santa came early this season.


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6 responses to “Book Deals and the Big Easy

  1. That’s fantastic on both counts. Congratulations!!!


  2. congrats! I’ll tell you when I’ve bought my ticket.


  3. tell kozmo that i said you can have my room for the next 10 months !

    sometimes it rains ceiling in here and the wall is nice and drafty and koz sez he’s confiscating my floor.


  4. sounds like my kindof place… id love to see your home!


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