A Cornucopia of Coney Island Carnies!

Photograph © Kitra Cahana, 2010.

Photograph © Kitra Cahana, 2010.

Photograph © Kitra Cahana, 2010.

Photograph © Kitra Cahana, 2010.

Today a friend sent me a carny job advertisement and it took all the strength I had not to quit school and renounce my sedentary lifestyle on the spot. Here’s an excerpt from a collaborative feature I did with photographer Kitra Cahana on carnival workers called Astroland No More:

To an average onlooker, Coney Island culture borders on the obscene: children suck neon snow cones, fat orange men drink clam-flavoured beer. Women expose breasts adorned with uneven Nascar tattoos. Taste seems somewhat suspended.

“This is where poor people can take their kids to play,” says Maria, a 43-year-old carnival worker. “That’s the way it should always be.”

Maria, who has been working the Coney toilet stalls for 12 years, answers my questions with a mix of apprehension and resignation. Her painted eyebrows droop as I question her about the upcoming corporate developments, and she seems annoyed by my teeming idealism.

Click here to download the full article!


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4 responses to “A Cornucopia of Coney Island Carnies!

  1. cav

    can i have the job?


  2. dooooood. when summer comes i practically live at coney. last summer there was this booth serving bottomless tin mugs of flavored root beer. and…corn dogs turn me on. loooooooove.


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