Valentine’s Locution Reading, Pulp Fiction Books

Video of me reading an excerpt from “Welcome to Rainbowland” and a postcard story about my first love (“Mr. Breakfast and His Meat”) at February Locution. For the full text of the Mr. Breakfast story click Here and for Schwilly click Here. Thanks for the video, Anna!



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7 responses to “Valentine’s Locution Reading, Pulp Fiction Books

  1. Congratulations on your reading! I enjoyed your writing and your courage to stand up and read despite past mishaps.


  2. Mark

    I’m in love with you.

    -Mr Brunch


  3. Schwing! So cool. Your hair is not greasy at all.


  4. OK, so I only just saw this for the first time..
    now I need to see you. right away.
    I’ve missed so much.
    I love you.


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